Below are useful websites that will assist you with the assignment set on the Humanities/Science page.

Australian Antarctic Division:

Classroom Antarctica:

Journeys From McMurdo:

Inter-Lace Antarctica:

Discovering Antarctica:

Cool Antarctica:

Antarctica & Sir Douglas Mawson:

1. Ray Zahab treks to the South Pole

Extreme runner Ray Zahab shares an enthusiastic account of his record-breaking trek on foot to the South Pole — a 33-day sprint through the snow. Reflect and respond to his talk using the PMI process by posting your thoughts below in the comments box. Click on the link below to view his talk:

2. David Griffin on How Photography Connects Us

The photo director for National Geographic, David Griffin knows the power of photography to connect us to our world. In a talk filled with glorious images, he talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories. As director of photography for National Geographic, David Griffin works with some of the most powerful photographs the world has ever seen.  Click on the link below to view the talk.

How Photography Connects Us

Task: After viewing this talk research and find an Antarctic image that appeals to you. Bring it in to class. Answer the following questions about the image you have found and post it on the blog in the section below.

  • What headline would you attach to this image if it was to be published in a magazine?
  • How does this image makeyou feel? Explain.
  • What is special about the image that captured your attention? Explain.
  • Great images tell a story. What story does your image tell?

35 Responses

  1. Liked the talk . Especially when talked about what inspired him to go to the south pole

    • Binaya,

      You are required to reply to this talk using the PMI process – P – What were the positives – M – What were the minuses & – Interesting – what was interesting?

      Mr W

  2. I liked the talk. I thought it was very interesting. I think that why he does all these quests is amazing. I liked it!!!

    • Natalie,

      You are required to reply to this talk using the PMI process – P – What were the positives – M – What were the minuses & – Interesting – what was interesting?

      Mr W

    • MY P.M.I

      Positives –
      1. He is a very extrodinary man.
      2. He is completing all these amazing tasks.
      3. Him and his friends are great role models for other people. Especially children.

      Minuses –
      1. The tasks that he and his mates are doing are very dangerous and there are consequences.
      2. They can all get very sick or experience bad injuries.
      3. They all could have frozen to death.

      Interesting –
      1. They were the first to reach the South Pole on feet.
      2. They had an online website where they could chat to children form schools and what he had seen and been doing. The website also allowed students to ask questions.
      3. As they started at sea level it was an uphill climb the whole way. They were also pulling sleds that wieghed 170 punds.
      4. All there camera’s an electrical materials was powered by the sun.
      5. Everyday it was -40 degress celcius.

    lots of different facts. some are:
    1. first to reach pole on feet
    2. food carried on sled
    3. started at sea leve and pole was 10 000 feet
    4. sled weighed 170 pounds
    5. Ray had a 11 day run across the sahara
    6. every day bellow -40 degees celcius
    7. butter and bacon was the main thing they ate
    8. had naps on sled
    9. inspiration was peter thoom
    10. had an online website were he could chat to children from schools about what he has seen, been doing and his adventures. website also allows for the students to ask questions.

    • Matt,

      You are required to reply to this talk using the PMI process – P – What were the positives – M – What were the minuses & – Interesting – what was interesting? Can you reorganise your response to match the requirements?

      Mr W

    • PMI!
      First to reach pole on foot
      broke record
      could chat to people on website
      The sled weighed 170 pounds
      had to trek 10 000 feet up
      each day wheather below – 40 degrees celcius
      burnt lots of calories
      ate food with lots of calories like butter and bacon
      had naps on sled
      inspiration was peter thoom
      from sea level to the pole is about 10 000 feet up
      11 day run across sahara was another great acheivement of his

  4. Plus
    he has become an insparation to young people.
    he survived all of his journeys without serious injury.
    he will now3 have the skills that he used for the rest of his life.

    He only learnt about how to be inspiring at the age of 40 if he would have known earlier he would of being able to acomplish more.
    He was risking his lige to be inspiring.
    every day it was 40 below.

    Intresting facts
    He has only being running for 5 years before that he used to smoke a pack a day.
    He was inspired by peter thoom.
    he carried his stuff by sled.

  5. Hi Mr Williams, here is what I thought of the speech expressed through a PMI chart-

    They broke the previous record by 5 days
    They gained inspiration from their journey
    They got involved with the younger generation
    They sent out a message and got a response.
    They inspired others

    It was extremely difficult
    They were away from home
    They had to drag a 47 pound sled everyday

    They burned 8 500 calories a day
    It was was -45 degrees Celsius when they reached the geographical South Pole
    Ray Zahab got his inspiration from Peter Thum

    See you tomorrow, from Winona

  6. Plus+
    1. He broke the worlds record.
    2. The stories they herd got them to the south pole.
    3. They vidioed themselves each day so people could see what was happening.
    1. It ended up to be 45 below when he reached the South Pole.
    2. They were pulling a 47 pounds (21.318841 kg) each day.
    3. it was difficult to treak to the pole on foot.
    1. It to a great amount of courage to spend 33 days 23 hours and 55min trecking to the south pole
    2. They had cat naps along the way on their sled.
    3. Every day it was nearly 40 below.

  7. Plus:
    They inspierd people
    They broke the recored
    Lost wieght
    Learned how to cope with things that happen in life
    Leared more about Antartica

    It was cold
    They could have fallen through fin ice
    Ate fatening food
    Had to pull their sleds
    There was strong wind

    They didn’t use skis or snowboards or … but walked instead while pulling a sled
    They lost 8 500 calories per a day
    Ate baken with butter
    They had naps during the day on their sleds

  8. Mr Williams this my Ted Talk
    1. The stories that they heard inspired them to go to the South Pole.
    2. He and his team broke the world record and beat the previous record by 5 days.
    3. In January 2009, Ray Zahab broke the record for fastest unsupported trek across Antarctica

    1. The sledge was 170 pounds and they had to drag it every day.
    2. Burned 18000 calories.
    3. Each day the weather was below – 40 degrees.
    4. It was extremely difficult.

    1. It took a great amount of courage to spend 33 days in Antarctica
    2. They beat the previous record by 5 days.
    3. Started at sea level and they walked up to 10,000 kms, and pulling 170 pounds the whole way.

  9. PMI!!!

    1. Ray and his friends were the first people to reach the south pole of feet.
    2. They all inspired other people
    3. He broke world records by 5 days
    4. They are all very brave

    1. They pulled a sled up the hills that weighed 170 pounds
    2. It was -40 degrees everyday
    3. It was a dangerous thing to do

    1. The south pole is 10,000ft up hill from sea level
    2. It took them 33 days 23 hours and 55 minutes to reach the south pole
    3. They walked 650 miles without any skies to get to the south pole
    4. All of the electrical equipment was powered by the sun

  10. Plus-
    He inspired kids all alround the world with his blogs.
    He even inspired himself!
    It helped him psyicaly because he was apack a day smoker with a simple lifestyle.
    He had to carry 170 pounds of gear!
    It was 40 below every day (to cold for me)
    There was strong head winds every day.
    It was all up hill!
    Only took 33days 23 hours and 55mins that is an awesome effort!
    It was only 3 days before the previous best.
    First person ever to do that ‘corse’ by skis!

  11. PMI

    1. Made the rocored by foot
    2. They lost 8500kg per day so they ate butter and bacon
    3. Live website to tell people were they were
    4. They got along well
    5. The stories they herd got them to the South Pole
    1. The slead felt like 100 pounds
    2. The crevasses
    1.They carged there equipment by the sun
    2.That it tock them 33 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes to get to the South Pole
    3. They shaved 5 days of the record

  12. Positives.
    1. He and his friends broke the world speed record for trek to the South Pole.

    2.Shaved five days off previous fastest time.

    3.First person in history to make 650 mile journey with out skis.

    1.Dragging a sled with 170 pounds of gear.

    2.-40 below 0 everyday.

    3.Having to cross cracks and cravices in the snow.

    1.Ray positive Attitude and his drive to succeed.

    2.Ray had an interactive website so as teachers and students around the world could be on board with him

    3. Eating butter and beacon high in carlories which they need as they were burning 8500 calories a day.

    4.All equipment charged by the sun.

    5.common goal to in spire

  13. My P.M.I

    Inspiring kids around the world
    Treking by foot the whole way
    Broke a record at 40
    had to sleep in bellow 40 winds
    dragged a 47 pound sled across antarctica
    Huge crevasses to go around
    He was inspired by Peter Thum
    Slept in a tiny tent together

  14. P-
    lots of kids should look up to him if they would like to compleet those things in the future

    It would be freezing and you have to pull 175 ponds of gear.

    I-most people would not survive in thoses kinds of winds and temputure and I that is a great achevment they have made.

  15. p-
    they broke the world record
    people from all over the world interacted
    m- there are many crevasses that you can fall in
    they had to pull a heavy sled
    the whole way was up hill
    i- it took 33 days 23 hours 55 minutes
    his inspiration was peter humus
    they were 5 days faster than the world record

  16. Natalie Fantin

    Headline – Below the World

    Feeling – This image makes me fell cold but at the same time it makes me feel warm. It makes me feel very cool.

    Attention – The thing that captured my attention was the light on the glaciers.

    Story – I think the story that my picture tells is that even though places can be cold it is showing warmth. I think that glaciers represent the cold and the light represents the warmth.

  17. Headline- March of the penguins

    Feeling- The picture makes you fell cold because of the ice on the baby penguins and it also makes you fell like you just want to touch their fur because they are so fuzzy.

    Thing that cought my eye- The thing that cought my eye was the three penguins that look like they are taking care of each other.

    Story- My picture tells a story about 3 little penguins standing to gether in the freezing cold trying to keep each othe warm and talking about how cold it is.

  18. Headline: Dying Seal

    Feeling: The picture makes you feel sad because the seal looks like its dying.

    What captured my attention: That the seal is sticking its head out of the water.

    Story: The pictures story is about a seal who is dying from starvation because it is to fat and slow to catch a penguin.

  19. Headline:- “Penguins going to heaven”

    Feeling:- The photo make me sad to think the penguins had to die but happy that they are going to heaven.

    Special:- It really amazes me how the snow makes the penguins look like they are riding on some clouds.

    Story:- This is a story of some penguins who died after they became covered in oil from an man made environmental disaster.

  20. Hello Mr. Williams,

    The link for the picture I have chosen is below-

    If the link did not work you can type it in the web address.
    “Ice of layers” would be my headline. The image makes me feel sad. ‘The colours are what does it, the dark blues and shadows. It caught my attention because I’ve never seen anything like it. The story my image tells is how the salt and the sea has a major affect on the ice and therefore Antarctica.

    From Winona

  21. Save our antartica animals they need ice to survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feeling; polar bears are beautiful creatures

    captured;2 polar bears or a reflection.
    story of photo; well they look so happy and carefree swimming in the antartic l wonder if they sense that the ice is slowly melting away ,or they dont know Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


    Headline: “Emperor penguins with small chicks”
    Feeling:The picture made me feel as is it was real inside the classroom.

  23. Title: “Heaven in Antarctica” That is what i think it looks like.
    Feelings: It makes me think that it is where i am.
    Special:It looks like the normal ocean until you look further and there is the pack ice.
    Story: I think it was all about how it looks in the night and it is a log way to sail there.

  24. Heading: Starway to Antarctica

    Feeling: Like I want to go there! The picture really makes Antarctica look amazing.

    Special: Well the light on the ocean, is a real eye catcher. I love it!

    Story: It could be of a long journey, the the reward of the beauty of the place

  25. Headline – Bright and bold! published in the daily penguin
    How does it make u feel – It makes me feel like Antarctica is actually not a cold place. It reminds me of all the beautiful colurs and sights u can see.
    What caught ur attention – What caught my attention was all the bright colours. I liked how one colour was bold, then it faded into another colour then another colour ect.
    Story – I think the story of my picture is that even though Antarctica is a dull place, it still shows it is not just a place of white it has a warmth like someone is watching over u the whole time.

  26. Headline: Candy Ice

    How does it make you feel: It makes me feel hungry and sad. Sad because of the gloomy colours and hungry because it looks like a lolly

    • What captured your attention: The way it stands out from all the other images as you scroll down the page.

      What story does your image tell: My image tells the story of fresh water and salt water and how the combination of these create a beautiful sight

  27. Headline- Emperor penguin family

    Feels- It makes me feel happy that there is a family of emperor penguins.

    Attention- It captured my attention by the three penguins who look like a family and they are taking care of each other.

    Story- My story is that there is a family of Emperor penguins standing in the freezing cold weather trying to keep each other warm.

  28. title: the land of ice

    feeling: It make me feel it is a peaceful place that is not hot or cold in Antarctica

    what so Special about it: the art in what it look like when it is melted abd frozen.

    story: my story telling me that how it got frozen in the time.

  29. The head line for my image iwould be ‘ life a the deepest places’

    This image makes me feel amazed as life CAN grow anywhere!

    What part of the image captured my attention: The ice forming on the plant

    My image says that life can grpow anywhere at any climate!

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