IEP – Higher Order Thinking Tasks

This is your individual education program contract. Each question is worth a certain number of points. Some questions are worth more than others because of the degree of thinking skills involved in answering them. You must total over 30 points. Your work is to be presented in your Humanities book. You will be allocated time in Language Groups to complete the tasks. Your Science/Humanities Investigation Task details can be accessed on the Science page.

Robotics IEP Activities

Science/Humanities Assignment

Robotics Task & Criteria Sheet

Oral Presentation Task & Criteria Sheet

Below is a link to the Questioning Matrix to assist you with developing your own questions to guide your assignment. Also refer to the ICA Casey College Levels of Thinking Guide to direct your questioning development. Refer to outline below.

Questioning Matrix

The following is a guide to levels of Thinking.


  • The ability to recall, recognise and describe specific information.
  • The ability to understand, explain and summarise what is being communicated.


  • The ability to use knowledge in another familiar or new situation.
  • The ability to break down the information into smaller parts.
  • The ability to make something clearer by examining it closely.


  • The ability to generate new products, ideas or ways of viewing things.
  • The ability to judge the value of something according to specific criteria.
  • The ability to justify a decision or course of action.
  • the ability to make recommendations or suggestions.

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